CAMPER Acrylic Blank With Hole - Happy Camper Acrylic Blank - Keychain Blank - Acrylic Crafts - DIY Keychain - Camper Shape Blanks

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1.900" x 2.800" Acrylic Blank Camper, Happy Camper Keychain Blank. Please note there are no svg files that come with this blank.

1/8 Thick (3mm) Clear acrylic with protective paper on front and back of each piece.

Each piece is smooth and identical on both front and back, which makes them reversible.

All blanks come to you with a protective peel-off paper backing to prevent scratching in transit.

Shape: Camper Keychain
Size: 1.900" x 2.800"
Thickness: 1/8" (3mm)
Color: Clear transparent

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*acrylic blanks
*scrap booking
*card making
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*All polyester glitters are safe for wearing on the skin.

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