SILICONE DOMINOES MOLD Set - Resin Dominoes Set -Silicone Molds

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Complete set of dominoes! Make your own custom domino set with this sturdy mold.


*Resin art *Epoxy/resin crafts *Resin/epoxy dominoes set *DIY dominoes PLEASE INSPECT MOLD PRIOR TO FIRST USE -Don’t touch the inside shiny part of the mold unless under running water. This will cause scuffs. -although we do NOT recommend if using a torch/heat gun to pop bubbles in the mold, use may rip the mold upon demolding. Instead try a mist of alcohol over your resin pour. -Make sure the resin is fully cured, uncured resin may rip the mold. -Please follow all safety precautions when using resin, it is very toxic.