Silicone - SHINY GEODE PHONE Grip mold - Geode Mold

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Shiny silicone geode phone holder mold. Possibilities are endless. Resin mold to create the holder and add onto your phone grip/phone stand. Dimensions 4.6cm -1.8"

* individually wrapped
* phone holder mold
* magnets


-Don’t touch the inside shiny part of the mold unless under running water. This will cause scuffs.

-Use extreme caution when if using a torch/heat gun to pop bubbles in the mold, it may rip the mold upon demolding. Instead try a mist of alcohol over the resin.

-Make sure the resin is fully cured, uncured resin may rip the mold.

-Please follow all safety precautions when using resin, it is very toxic.

-Buyer is responsible for knowing how to use silicone molds properly. Our molds may be used for multi purpose, we have no control for how they may be used after purchase.