Sunday Sampler - Variety of Glitters - Ultra Fine Loose Glitter - Polyester Glitter - Solvent Resistant - Chunky Glitter

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Limited Quantity Sunday Sampler

6 oz total GLITTER & a sweet BONUS

$25.00 AND....FREE SHIPPING!!!!!!

1 oz Breezy 2.0
1 oz Speckled Pearl
1 oz Fleet
1 oz Snow White Fine
1 oz Jack Frost
1/2 oz Winter Wonderland
1/2 oz Jack Frost 1.5mm

*** Pearl Sample ****


Our products are water, high temperature & solvent resistant. Our cuts are made from polyester film and often used for glitter tumblers, storyboard tumblers, uv resin, epoxy, or whatever your crafting needs may be. Our solvent resistant glitters lay without curling.

*resin art
*scrap booking
*card making
*glitter tumblers
*mixed media projects
*kids crafts
*resin mold making
*nail art
*All polyester glitters are safe for wearing on the skin.

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